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Wholesale Lockbox

Collect and track a large number of payments received via the mail without having to open an envelope. Lockbox allows businesses and organizations to streamline receipts. When your customers and business partners write you a check, you need to get those payments into the bank so that you can use the money. Lockbox services make that process more efficient than almost any business can hope for on its own.

Under this service, the payments made by customers are directed to a special post office box, rather than going to your company. The Bank will then go to the box, retrieve the payments, process them and deposit the funds directly into your company's bank account.

As benefits go, Lockbox banking provides your company with a very efficient way of depositing customer payments. This is especially beneficial if your company is unable to deposit checks on a timely basis. Let us do the work for you.

For more information about Wholesale Lockbox, contact:

Carol DiFiglio
Vice President, Operations
630-773-0350 ext. 420


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