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Itasca Bank & Trust Co. continues to make it easier to get money into your account. Click DepositSM is the process through which your business or non-profit entity can deposit paper checks right into your bank account(s) directly from your office. This service is sometimes referred to as "remote capture."

With Click DepositSM, you scan an image of the checks received, send the images to our bank, and see the funds added to your account more quickly. Checks get processed quickly so you can use the money for operations.

Click DepositSM provides your business with a very convenient way to get your deposits to the bank without having to mail or drive them there.

For more information about Click Deposit, contact:

Carol DiFiglio 
Vice President, Operations
639-773-0350 ext. 420
Claribel Veslino 
Operations Officer, Customer Service Manager
630-773-0350 ext. 209 
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