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Browser Registration

Browser Registration is an additional layer of security, requiring our online banking users to activate their browser(s) (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and Mobile App before accessing their online banking profile. Activating or Registering a browser is a security method which limits online access to the browsers and devices personally used.

First time users will be prompted to register their browser by providing a Security Access Code at the time of login. If multiple computers/devices are used, each of these will need to be registered via this quick online process. Users will not need to activate a browser again unless their cookies get removed or the browser settings are reset. During the activation process users will see a dialog box, where they can choose to register a browser or just allow one-time access without registering the browser.

Please do not register browsers or devices that are not personally owned, for example at a public library or on a family member’s computer/smartphone. There will be an option in the login process to bypass the Registration for these one time uses.

How to Register your Browser

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Browser Registration FAQs





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