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Homeowners Association Loans

Is Your Bank Helping to Improve Your Association? 

Does your association need a new roof, siding or any other common element repair, but is lacking the reserve funds to complete the work? Perhaps you have sufficient reserves but would prefer not to deplete the fund in order to make the repairs. Let Itasca Bank & Trust Co. help! We are committed to providing loan funds for these and other projects that can be structured to meet your association's cash flow. You have our pledge to provide quality service, flexible credit options and competitive pricing. We are experienced in working with contractors and can help you through the construction phase of your repairs. Loans can range from 1-20 years with both fixed and variable pricing. Even if you have been turned down by another lender, we may be able to provide you with a competitive bid and help you get the work completed.

For additional information contact:

Mark Stelter
Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer

When sending an email to anyone at Itasca Bank & Trust Co., please do not include passwords, account numbers, or any other confidential financial or personal information. Please allow up to one business day to be contacted if sending an email.


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