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Account Alerts

Itasca Bank's Online Banking Account Alerts can help you stay in control of your accounts and provide peace of mind. You can activate many types of alerts, and choose how to receive them either through email, text message*, or both.

The following alerts can be placed on any of your Itasca Bank online banking accounts:

Security Alerts

Get alerts on your Profile if a login attempt is made or a password is changed. Or if you add or remove an account.

Balance Alerts

Set a balance threshold alert when your balance goes above or below a certain dollar amount. It’s a good reminder to make a deposit or a transfer to avoid overdrafts and fees.

Transaction Exceeds Amount Alerts

Set a transaction 'exceeds' amount. Could be used as a direct deposit alert, or alerts for transactions exceeding normal spending habits.

Scheduled Alerts

You can customize alerts similar to calendar reminders. Schedule an alert when a credit card payment is due, or your mortgage. These don't need to be related to your bank accounts. Always forget your friend's birthday? Set up a reminder.

You can add, delete, or change your alerts at any time. Ready to set them up? It's easy. Click on the link to learn how. How to Place Account Alerts.

*Standard text messaging and data plan rates may apply. Consult wireless carrier for details on specific fees and charges that may apply.


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