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General FAQs

We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions for you to refer to. If you do not find what you are looking for here or need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us or give us a call at 630-773-0350 and speak to a Relationship Banker.

General Personal FAQs

How do I set up an automatic payment from my checking account?
Can I have my social security check deposited automatically into my account?
How does the insurance work through FDIC?

Customer Service General FAQs

What is the difference between money orders and cashier's checks?
Does the Bank charge to cash in coin?
Does the Bank accept property tax payments?
If I make a deposit, when can I take the money out of the ATM?
What types of vault boxes does the Bank offer?
Does the Bank provide signature guarantees?
Can I get a cash advance on my credit card?
Are the contents of my vault box insured?
What if I don't pay my vault box rent?
If I become sick, disabled or take an extended vacation, can I appoint a deputy to be responsible for my vault box contents?

General Wealth Management FAQs

What is an IRA? Is it for me?
What is an annuity & is it something that the Bank offers?
What options do I have to save for my child's college education?
Am I a candidate for a Trust?
Do I have to have a large portfolio in order to quality for a Trust?
Are there different types of Trusts?
Can Itasca Bank & Trust Co. help me with my trust and estate planning needs?
Can Itasca Bank & Trust Co. help me even if I don't have a trust?
Who do I contact to learn more about Trusts?

General Loan Department FAQs

I am looking for a mortgage, what are my options?
What is the turn-around time on my loan request?
What is Itasca Bank & Trust Co.'s lending limit?
What is prime rate?

General FDIC Insurance FAQs

Whose deposits does the FDIC insure?
Are deposits at Itasca Bank & Trust Co. insured by the FDIC?
Is Itasca Bank & Trust Co. at risk of failure?
What are the limits for insured deposits?
Will changing the order on the names of the accounts change the coverage?
Is both principal and interest covered by FDIC insurance?
How long does coverage continue after a depositor's death?
What accounts are not insured by the FDIC?


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