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Women Business Owners


Itasca Bank & Trust Co. believes in the success of women business owners, and backs up that belief with programs and services especially designed to encourage that success. The Women’s Initiative provides opportunities for networking, for learning, and for enjoyment, all with a focus on encouraging women business owners to shape a future that is whatever they desire.

Business Roundtables

The Business Roundtable brings together women business owners of non-competing businesses to provide confidential resource and platform for exchanging ideas in order to build business satisfaction and revenue.The group addresses real-life business issues, provides realistic feedback and solutions, and monitors progress toward goals. The Business Roundtable meets once a month; there is no fee to join the Roundtable. Telephone Diane Middlebrooks, Women’s Initiative Coordinator, at (630)773-0350 for details on joining.

The Business Roundtable sessions bring these benefits:

  • Your own personal Board of Advisors
  • Reaching goals that are important to you
  • Strategies for growing your business
  • Solutions to your business challenges
  • Education in a variety of business areas
  • Impartial feedback
  • What you need to know when you need it
  • Support from women who walk in your shoes
  • Connection with smart, dynamic women.

Following are testimonials from some of the Roundtable participants.

"The Roundtable is a safe, nurturing environment for professional women business owners to share their problems, concerns, and successes, be they business or personal in nature. It is a diverse group of women of various ages, levels of experience, and types of businesses - the energy and synergy of the group is powerful, and I always walk away with at least one valuable nugget of information that makes a significant impact on my business and/or personal life. The conversations that Diane facilitates, and the discussions of current business topics, are more valuable to me than my Kellog MBA. The wisdom, friendship and genuine caring of each Roundtable member that has been nurtured is something I've never experienced anywhere else - I go out of my way to try to never miss a meeting ."

"I didn't realize how much I needed to talk to and connect with others walking my walk. The entire Roundtable experience that first year, and the following years, was life altering for my business, and more importantly, me!"

"The Roundtable is the highlight of my month. It's a great place for me to connect with fellow women business owners who share the same challenges I do. The group is a tremendous resource for ideas, answers, support, and friendship. Even if I don't have a particular question or concern, I always come away from the meetings with fabulous ideas and a renewed admiration for the wisdom of the women in the group. The facilitated discussions that are also part of the Roundtable force me to dig deep and think about how to run my business better. This is a task I often overlook during the busyness that comes with being a business owner. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful group."

"This dynamic Roundtable provides a unique platform for confidential business discussions related to business challenges and issues, and allows for collaboration and interaction from other members to help resolve the challenge or issue. These valuable discussions have propelled many businesses to the next level - increasing their revenues, helping to determine the viability of launching a new product or service, resolving operations issues, and giving business owners an opportunity to discuss issues freely, without judgment!"


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