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Throughout its 75-year history, Itasca Bank & Trust Co.'s focus has been on people.

As an independent, locally owned community bank, Itasca Bank's focus has always been on the needs of local communities, families, and businesses. The Bank's view has always been that our customers are people and companies, not numbers and accounts; and is well known for traditional banking with excellent customer service. In 2000 that focus zeroed in on the specific community of women.

The Women's Initiative goal is to present women valuable information that will help them reach their financial goals, as well as providing an opportunity where women could connect with each other and with the Bank. The winning combination for the original seminars was that they were specifically for women and were presented by highly qualified people in a professional manner, all of which resonated with the attendees, who felt they and their questions about money were being taken seriously.

The Women's Initiative mirrors the Bank's values. Itasca Bank has a long history of being close with its customers - listening to them, treating them with respect, and helping them achieve their goals; these are the qualities that are integral to the Women's Initiative. The Women's Initiative serves a wide community - the community of women, no matter where they live.

For the first few years, Women's Initiative members were primarily in Itasca and Roselle; today Women's Initiative members live or work in 150 towns and cities throughout Illinois. The demographics have also changed - the ages of our members now range from women in their 90's to women in their 20's.


    For over 24 years, Itasca Bank & Trust Co.'s Women's Initiative has presented a variety of programs and services that make a difference in women's lives. Our programming is timely and different because we talk to women all the time, listen to their interests, problems, and what they enjoy. From personal interest to business and financial focus, the many roles of women have been celebrated and enhanced. The Women's Initiative also offers the opportunity to connect with other interesting women. Itasca Bank offers these programs at no charge.


Discover. Energize. Connect.

Why have over 4,000 joined the Women's Initiative?

  • Programs are interesting and informative, addressing topics that make a difference in women's lives.
  • Attendees are treated as honored guests, and offered programs that are well-organized and are held in a variety of convenient locations.
  • Women can meet and connect with other interesting women.

If you are:

  • A business owner
  • Retired
  • Employed
  • A mom, volunteer, or student

The Women's Initiative is for you!

We also offer Roundtables for women business owners.

The Business Roundtable is part of the Women's Initiative of Itasca Bank & Trust. Co. There is no charge to join the Business Roundtable; it is sponsored by Itasca Bank because of the Bank's dedication to helping women business owners achieve the business success they desire. The Business Roundtable brings together women business owners of non-competing businesses to provide a confidential resource and platform for exchanging ideas in order to build business satisfaction and revenue. The group addresses real-life business issues, provides realistic feedback and solutions, and monitors progress toward a goal.

Women's Initiative Newsletter


"A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world."
-Lois Wyse

"When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands." -Maria Shriver

Also in this edition:

  • Who You Are, Who We Are
  • Financial Wellness 

Womens Initiative Newsletter Winter 2024

A Look into Itasca Bank & Trust Co.’s Women's Initiative Podcast

Women's Initiative Coordinator Diane Middlebrooks and John Binneboese, Senior Vice President of Community Relations, talk with Scott LaMorte about the beginning of the Women's Initiative, a program launched in 2000.  For 23 years the Women's Initiative has offered programs that make a difference in women's lives. From personal interest to business and financial focus, the Women's Initiative offers the opportunity to connect with other interesting women. 

View the Women;s Initiative video online

Discover. Energize. Connect.

Women's Initiative

For over twenty-three years, Itasca Bank & Trust Co. has focused on women's empowerment and success and making a difference in the lives of women who are business owners, retired, employed, mothers, and students. 

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