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Bank by Phone Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Dial 630-875-4287
  2. Have your Account Number and PIN (that you've created) available. Please keep these numbers in separate places for security purposes
  3. You will be prompted to enter your account number (all entries must be followed by the "#" sign).
  4. Select type of account
    1. Checking
    2. Savings
    3. Certificate of Deposit
    4. Loans
  5. Enter your PIN and follow the simple instructions

At any point during the call press '0' to speak to a Relationship Banker during Bank hours.

To Return to the Previous or Main Menu:

By pressing the number 9 key it will allow you to return to the previous menu. If you are several levels deep and want to return to the main menu, continue pressing 9 until you reach the level that has the information needed.

To Disconnect:

Simply hang up the phone.

For additional information, contact our Customer Service Department at 630-773-0350.

When sending an email to anyone at Itasca Bank & Trust Co., please do not include passwords, account numbers, or any other confidential financial or personal information.

About Us

Itasca Bank & Trust Co.

Itasca Bank & Trust Co., an independent, locally-owned bank, offers a broad spectrum of deposit accounts, savings products, and loans that are sure to suit your individual and business needs.

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