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Important Phone Numbers

  • To report a lost or stolen debit card, call Itasca Bank during business hours at 630-773-0350.
  • After business hours call the Lost and Stolen Card Service Center at 800-554-8969.
  • To activate and PIN your Visa Debit card, call 800-992-3808.

If you plan on using your Business Visa® Debit Card when traveling in the U.S. or internationally, please contact Customer Service before your trip, to insure your card is not restricted.

Visa® Credit Card

Our Visa® Platinum Business credit cards are a great fit for your business. Take control of your business spending and enjoy these great benefits:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Travel Benefits
  • Fraud Monitoring and Zero Fraud Liability
  • Chip Card Security
  • 24/7 Customer Service located in the U.S.

Apply for a Business Credit Card and choose from one of our credit cards that fits the size of your business, non-profit organization or municipality.

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Visa® Debit Card

A no-annual fee Visa® Debit Card can be used to directly access funds in your commercial checking or savings account. The Itasca Bank & Trust Co.'s ATM/Debit Card is part of the MoneyPass® network which offer surcharge-free cash withdrawals at thousands of retail locations nationwide.

With an Itasca Bank & Trust Co. Visa debit card, you can enjoy the convenience and security of CardValet and Wallet Pay. These mobile apps paired with your Visa debit card, provide additional control and payment options to help you manage your money efficiently.

Debit Card FAQ

What is a Debit Card?

A Debit Card is a method for withdrawing funds from your checking account. It may be used to withdraw cash at an ATM machine. The Itasca Bank & Trust Co. Debit Card also carries the Visa® logo, and can be used anywhere that Visa® is accepted, and may be used for purchases instead of writing a check.

Can a Debit Card be attached to a business account?

Yes. It gives you the ability to make deposits, cash withdrawals, and business purchases. Each Debit Card transaction is deducted directly from your business checking account, as if you had written a check. Your Debit Card is welcome at stores, hotels, service stations, restaurants, and businesses worldwide - wherever Visa® is accepted.

How do I activate and PIN my Visa® Debit Card?

You can activate and PIN your debit card by calling 800-992-3808. Follow the prompts to activate your card and set a four digit PIN.

What information will I need to provide?

For your protection, you will be asked for a combination of personal information and card information. 

How soon can I use my new PIN?

Once you have successfully entered a new PIN, you will hear, "Your PIN has been set."  You can begin using your new PIN immediately.

What happens if my responses don't work?

If you have three unsuccessful attempts at activating your card, you will be locked out of the automated system for one hour. Contact Customer Service at 630-773-0350 during business hours and we will verify that we have your most current information on file. If you have moved or changed your phone number without notifying Itasca Bank, you may be temporarily unable to activate your card. Once our records are updated, your card will be activated and ready for a PIN selection.

I can't remember my PIN. Can the Bank tell me what it is?

No. For your security, we are unable to access customer PINs. If you cannot remember your PIN or you would like to change it, call 800-992-3808.

Can I come into the Bank to activate and PIN my card?

Our Relationship Bankers will gladly assist you with activating your card. They will also be there to help walk you through the automated telephone system so you can select your PIN.

How can I activate my Business Visa® Debit Card?

You can activate and PIN your card by calling 800-992-3808. You will be required to provide the phone number and zip code of the company you work for as well as other personal and card information.

My debit card has been lost or stolen. What should I do?

Contact Customer Service during business hours to report your card lost or stolen. You can also call 800-554-8969 during non-business hours.

Will my debit card work when traveling out of state or internationally?

To insure your card is not restricted before you travel in the U.S. or internationally, call Customer Service between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday or 8am-1pm on Saturdays at 630-773-0350. You can also send us a secure message during business hours by signing into your Online Banking account. Click on the Menu, Messages, and on the green pencil icon to open up a conversation. The response to your message will be located in the Messages section in the Menu tab. Please allow 2 hours for a response.

Premium Text Message Alerts

At Itasca Bank & Trust Co., protecting you from fraud is our priority. That’s why our debit cardholders will be automatically enrolled to receive Premium Text Message Alerts if fraud is suspected on your debit card. This free service will quickly alert you of any suspicious activity on your debit card by sending a text notification to your mobile phone. In order to receive these text alerts, please make sure your mobile number is part of your account records with us.

Text alerts will display the code 37268-Itasca Bank & Trust Co. with the merchant name and dollar amount for the cardholder to review. We will only ask you to verify if you made the purchase—we will never ask for an account number or personal information.

If the transaction is legitimate, you will confirm the transaction and no further action is required. If the transaction is fraudulent, you will reply accordingly and the card will be blocked. We will then send you a 24-hour customer care number (1-800-554-8969) which you will call for follow-up. If we do not receive a response to our original text alert, the card will be restricted and you will be contacted by phone for verification purposes.

To opt out of Premium Text Message Alerts, reply STOP when a text message is received. Cardholders who opt out will continue receiving only phone calls regarding potential fraudulent activity. Please make sure your mobile phone number is part of your account records with Itasca Bank & Trust Co. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department with any questions at 630-773-0350.

Visa® Account Updater

Visa requires all financial institutions to participate in an Account Updater Service, also know as Visa Account Updater (VAU). The Visa Account Updater Service will provide updates to merchants who maintain your card information on file, to process your preauthorized, recurring payments. If you choose not to participate, click the Visa Account Updater Opt-out Notice and fill out the form, print and mail or deliver it to the Bank. You do not need to do anything if you will be participating in this service.

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