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Fraud is on the rise

Fraud is on the rise and today’s advanced technology makes it even easier for criminals to replicate checks and make fraudulent transactions. Fortunately, Itasca Bank & Trust Co. can help your business be proactive and stop fraud in its tracks.

Powerful Fraud Protection for Your Business

Positive Pay helps automatically detect fraud by matching payee, account number, check number and dollar amount of each check presented for payment against a list of checks authorized and issued by your business. All of these components must match exactly or it will be detected as possible fraud. 

This powerful tool can also be used in the same way to screen incoming ACH transactions to identify unauthorized debits. Positive Pay allows ACH transactions to be filtered, reviewed and approved or returned ensuring only legitimate transactions post to your account. Customers can also whitelist authorized ACH transactions so only new or unusual entries will appear in their daily exceptions.

Account Reconciliation 

  • Account Reconciliation Summary can assist in balancing your account to recent daily or weekly activity or your monthly statement. The report provided includes a total of outstanding checks and a check register balance as of the reconciliation date.
  • Positive Pay reduces fraud and saves you time with faster account reconciliation.

Fraud Detection

Items that do not match the file provided will post as an “exception” and will require approval from your business.

Your Role

Your business will review the file daily to approve or reject items on the exception report. Approval decisions must be made by 11:00 AM Central.

Why Positive Pay?

  • Incidents of fraud are dramatically reduced, saving time and stress for you and your employees. 
  • Makes check reconciliation more efficient, freeing up valuable staff time.

For more information, please contact:

Carol DiFiglio
Vice President, Operations
630-773-0350 ext. 420

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